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A Thought for Today: Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. 

I believe this is true. After all our struggles for riches and worldly success, we’ll always finds ourselves poor in spirit until we realize that real wealth — and happiness — comes from within. It comes from knowing who we are and being at peace with our self.

Life is best lived with balance and wholeness, and the curious thing is that we can only find peace of mind when we listen to our heart.

What is your heart telling you today?


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A Thought for Today: A Beautiful Day





Just a note to wish you a day filled with joy.

Life gives us so much.  Each day is a new beginning, filled with wonder and the possibility of miracles. Let’s be grateful for all we’ve been given: our families, our friends, the abundant blessing of life, itself.

Look for happiness, believe in magic, and expect wonderful things to happen today.



A Thought for Today: Never Give Up





The only thing that hurts harder than a failure is not trying.

– Apoorve Dubey –

Success in any endeavor is never guaranteed. We are guaranteed to fail, however, if we give up and stop trying.

We’ve all failed many times at many things. We’ll all encounter more failures in the future. Failure is part of life. The best way to deal with failure is to use each one as a stepping stone. If we’re willing to look at our mistakes, learn from them, and see how we can improve, we’ll soon come to appreciate and even celebrate our failures, for each one brings us closer to achieving our goals.

Never give up. Failures and disappointments can be painful, but giving up on our dreams hurts even more.