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New Resolutions?

k2-_77d96879-c52e-453f-ab60-ca61b22078b4.v1I think my Question and Answer book is a bit mixed up. It’s only August, yet it’s asking me about resolutions. I’ve heard of “Christmas in July”, so maybe they’re thinking we should have “New Year’s Day in August.” It makes sense in a somewhat crazy way, I suppose.

Here’s the question as it’s posed:

What is your resolution for tomorrow?

Throughout my life, I’ve had a tendency to do things backward. I think being left-handed has something to do with it. Most people, I presume, use this little journal late at night before they shut out the lights and go to bed. Not me. My habit is to grab my journal early in the morning soon after I wake up.  Like I said, yeah, I do a lot of things backward.

So, I’m revising the question a bit. I’m going to think about today and what I’m setting my sights on to accomplish.


First on the agenda is a bit of housecleaning. Daughter Liz and her husband are moving to California later this month. Before she leaves, she wants to visit with family. She lives about two hours away from us now, and she’ll be driving up early on Friday morning, spending the night here, and then visiting with her sisters nearby. She wouldn’t care if I cleaned house or not, and if the guest room is a bit messy, it wouldn’t bother her in the least. As long as she gets some of Mom’s cooking — and a few popsicles — she’ll be happy. All the same, I want to straighten things up a bit, sweep the floors, and do a little dusting and polishing.

Second on my “to-do” list is writing. I have two more western historical romances under contract with Secret Cravings Publishing, and deadlines have a way of sneaking up. I’m currently working on The Sheriff Wore Skirts, and I’ve reached the point in the process where things are coming together, ideas are developing, and sitting down to write each day is wonderfully fun.

Third will be cooking. Today I’m planning one of my personal favorites. Salmon patties with creamed peas and potatoes. I’ll probably serve it with a spicy tomato drink and toss up a green salad, too. Hurry, dinnertime! I’m hungry already.

Of course, I’m hungry now because I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I slept late this morning — almost 5 AM. My husband didn’t wake me until he was ready to head out the door. But he did leave breakfast for me. So now that I’ve checked my Question and Answer book and have officially got this day under way, I’m going to go grab a bite to eat.

Happy Wednesday

What’s YOUR resolution for today?

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What’s So Funny?

I grabbed my little “Questions and Answer” book this morning. If you’ve only recently begun following the blog, you won’t know about this handy, entertaining little book, but you can find it on Amazon. It contains a year’s worth of thought-provoking, amusing, challenging, perplexing questions to answer. I expected today’s question to be something patriotic in nature. Of course, the United States is the only nation celebrating today, so question for the day has nothing to do with the Fourth of July holiday. The question is a fill-in-the-blank one:

____________ is funny?

laughing Talk about a blank! That’s exactly what I drew. Funny? Uh, it’s 5 AM here — yes, we’re early risers — and my brain isn’t computing the concept of “funny”. Facebook, of course, is a wonderful resource for “funniness” — if such a word exists. Thinking back over things that gotten a big LOL from me, here are a few of my favorites. I posted this yesterday on my official author page: Christina Cole’s Love Notes. I laugh every time I see this hilarious clip.

Funny Animals

Speaking of funny animals, cats, of course, are a mainstay of Facebook humor. Over the years, I’ve saved some of my favorites, like this one:

Planting Cats

Note: I’d just come inside after working in the garden when I saw this for the first time. Needless to say, it truly cracked me up! Another one that kept me laughing for a long time was this one, posted by my best friend from childhood. She doesn’t do drugs; neither do I. That added to the hilarity, I think. Dragons   And one more favorite funny cat. It’s General Tso! I have yet to figure out why I find this so funny, but I do. Tso   OK, enough cats. Enough animals. How about humans? Yes, human begins can be funny, too. Here’s one of my favorites. If you’re a Facebook “friend” or if you follow my author page, you’ve surely seen this before. Every time I see it, I have to repost it. bossy In no particular order, other things I find funny are:

South Park

Jeff Dunham

Rod Man

Tommy Boy


Wizard of Id


And on that funny note, I’ll leave you to your laughter and good times.

If you’re celebrating today, be safe!

THANK YOU for visiting today.

Now, it’s YOUR turn.

laugh 2

What makes you laugh?


Is Life Fair?

Once again, I’m here in MLWR (My Little Writing Room), and I think the internet problems are over. I found out yesterday that it was, indeed, a problem with our ISP. Although the customer service representative with whom I spoke had no idea if/when/how the problems would be resolved, I was assured somebody was working on it. This morning, everything seems to be working fine.

At least, for the moment.

So, after several days of frustration — and lots of hot and spicy foods — I’m going to relax today, and with luck, I’ll finish up No Regrets. Or nearly so. I’ll still need to do a bit of proof-reading and then format the file to the publisher’s specifications before sending it off.

Right now, I’m going to have a little fun with my handy Questions and Answers book. I’ve been trying to do this for three days. So, what’s the question for today?  Drum roll, please, while I grab the book.

Well, it’s actually a series of questions, or maybe it could be considered a bit of a multiple choice. Here, in all it’s glory, is the entry for April 24:

Is life fair? Yes? No? Sometimes? Not today?

It’s a good thing I didn’t get this question yesterday! I would have really gone on a rant. Today, I think I can approach it from a more rational perspective.

Is life fair? No.

It never has been and never will be.

That’s the way life is.

A lot of people want to believe in some sort of eventual justice — call it karma, call it divine retribution, call it the chickens coming home to roost.

Sometimes situations do ultimately have a satisfying conclusion, and we can smile and say, “Yep.”

But not all situations end so well, and I suspect that for every instance of justice we can count, we can count at least one — if not more — instances of injustice.  Of course, the payback may come later. That’s what we tell ourselves, and that’s all right.

One place where we do find fairness is in romantic fiction. Characters may often lament the unfairness of life, but at the end of the story, we authors have an obligation to tie things up neatly as we put together the happily ever after ending our characters have earned. We don’t give our characters anything, you see. They have to demonstrate their worth, prove that they’ve learned from their mistakes, and above all, they must show that they are capable of both giving and receiving love.

Then, things fall into place, and for that moment, at least, we can smile and close the book — or the Kindle — with a sense of rightness. What was lost has been regained. What was taken has been restored. The guilty have been punished, and all’s well with the world.

That’s fiction.

In real life, it doesn’t always happen that way, but life is still good. I don’t think what happens to us matters as much as our beliefs and attitudes. Even though life isn’t always fair, we can still create happiness around us. We can still find cause to celebrate, reasons to be grateful.

Of course, I can say that today. My internet is working. If it goes out again later, I’ll probably be wailing that “life’s just not fair!”

But, I’ll get through it.



What’s your opinion on the fairness of life?


DID YOU KNOW: “Karma” is a Sanskrit word meaning “actions” or “deeds”. 


If Wishes Came True

“If you could wish for one thing to happen today, what would it be?”

That’s the question of the day from my little “Question and Answer” book. What an impossible question to answer! There are so many different levels from which it can be approached. My mind is filled with wishes, and choosing a single one requires setting others aside. It’s difficult, indeed.

To answer the question, I’m going to tke the noble approach. I’m going to make a worldwide wish that cancer didn’t exist, that no one would ever suffer from it, that no more friends or family members would be lost to it.

I wish today could be the day the medical community announced that cancer had been totally eradicated.

WishThere are, of course, lots of little personal wishes in my head. I’ll admit, the noble response was not my first. My first thought was a rather selfish one. I wished a small debt might be repaid. Then, reality struck. That little wish, I told myself, was never going to happen. It wasn’t worth wasting a thought on it.

Other insignificant little wishes quickly sprang up. Wishes are so easy! Some will surely come true; others, probably not.

I wish the weather would warm up a bit.

I wish I could sell a million books.

I wish I were finished with No Regrets.

I wish I had time to play a few games today.

I wish my sister were still alive.

Yes, truly I do wish my sister were here. She was one of those claimed by cancer. Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I were talking about one of my closest childhood friends — and a little scene from real life that found its way into Not the Marrying Kind. That friend, Mike Reeder, is gone now, too, another victim of cancer. So many good people have been taken from us.

I wish there were no illness or disease.

I wish poverty and homelessness would disappear.

I wish for an end to war.




DID YOU KNOW: Just an unbelievable little fact I stumbled across while researching for No Regrets. Did you know that in 1880, the legal “age of consent” in the United States was 10 years old?  WATCH FOR MORE LITTLE TIDBITS OF INFORMATION TO COME. 



REMEMBER: Each comment on my blog during the month adds $1.00 to my Reach Out and Read pledge in May.


Original or Remix?

Yep. I’ve got the “Questions and Answers” book in my hand. I’m sitting here, blinking, thinking, and trying to come up with an answer for today.

Are you the original or the remix?


First, let’s start by admitting one simple fact. I’m old. Although I try to keep up with today’s technology and jargon, so many concepts and ideas and new words are being flung around each day that I don’t think anyone can keep up.

For what it’s worth, I was “tweeting” long before most of my friends even knew what “Twitter” was, and I was playing around online and “surfing the internet” before my children were. But while I might have had a bit of a head start on the computer age, the world has caught up, gone around, and left me in the dust.

My point? Uh…what, exactly is a remix?

I “googled” that question, and I was pleased to see that I’m not the only one who’s asked.

What is a remix, exactly?

Video artist, Elisa Kreisinger — please, take a moment to check out her blog — explains it as follows:

IMO, A remix is made when separate media elements are joined to form a new, different piece of media with an entirely different meaning than the original. 

She has much more to say on the topic, and it’s definitely worth reading, so again, please, take a moment to check out her blog.

Of course, what would the internet and our modern world be without Wikipedia? Never mind. That was a rhetorical question. You don’t have to answer. FWIW, I checked the Wikipedia definition of “remix”, too.

A remix is a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item. A song, piece of artwork, book, video, or photograph can all be remixes. The only characteristic of a remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something new.

From Wikipedia – Remix

So, what about ME? Am I the original, or am I a remix? After reading the Wikipedia definition, I might be inclined to say I’m a remix, at least in part. I’ve certainly been altered from my original state. I’ve had eyeglasses added to correct my vision, my appendix is gone, and I’ve changed my haircolor a time or two. Yet, reading on, I don’t think I can say that I’ve appropriated anything, nor have I created anything new. As I said before, yes, I’m old.

And, when it comes down to it, I’m still the same old ME I’ve always been. Somehow, it seems that no matter how much I change, I still remain who I’ve always been. I still have the same likes and dislikes I’ve had since I was a child. I wrote my first story at age four, and all these years later, I’m still writing stories. I still enjoy music and dancing. I have fun with crayons and finger-painting. I dabble in photography and sleep with stuffed puppies on the bed. Yeah, I’m still the same, just older, and maybe wiser.

I haven’t changed so much as I’ve grown.

Where my knowledge of classical music was once limited to Peter and the Wolf, The Barber of Seville, and Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony, today I enjoy the works of composers from medieval times through the modern era.

the-child-s-bath-2Once upon a time, I knew little more about famous artworks than La Gioconda and Mary Cassat’s work, The Child’s Bath.  When I was about three or four, I had a puzzle of that painting. I loved taking it apart and putting it together every night.

That’s another thing that hasn’t changed. I still love working puzzles. I still love board games. I still have fun taking walks in the park, picking up pretty rocks, and I’ll never outgrow my love of cats, dogs, and horses.

So, yes, I’m an old “original” — and the best part of that is in the fact that being an “original” means more than being old. It means being unique, being different. It means being ME.

Are YOU the original or the remix?