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Traveling the World

Another stormy morning here in the midwest. The house is quiet, I’ve got a cup of hot herbal tea to enjoy, and I’m about to pick up my little “Question and Answer” book and turn to today’s question.

Well, it’s certainly an easy question for me:

How many stamps are in your passport?


My answer? None. I don’t even¬†have a passport. I’ve never traveled outside the United States except in my imagination and through the pages of books I’ve read.

The closest I’ve come to adding stamps to a passport is in a solitaire game I used to play at Club Pogo — an online game site. I don’t recall the name of the game, but as you win different rounds, you travel to different destinations around the globe, collecting passport stamps as you go.

I’ve never been much of a traveler. Astrologers among us might scoff and say, “But, you’re Sagittarius! You’re supposed to love traveling!” ¬† So much for sun signs, I suppose. For what it’s worth, my Sagittarian-born sister, Jill, has indeed traveled all over the world, and she’s got fascinating stories to tell.

My travels have been mostly short trips, quick visits with friends and family, or a short jaunt to a conference or convention. I’ve been to a few big cities — New York, Chicago, Dallas — and I’ve seen a lot of nature’s beauty in my travels.

I’ve been to the shores of the Great Salt Lake, seen the majesty of Mount Ranier, and have hiked many trails throughout the midwest. I’ve sat high atop the rocky red hills in Arizona, and I’ve fished the crystal clear streams of the Ozarks.

I’ve also visited many historic sites: presidential libraries, museums, art galleries, and landmarks.

By most standards, I’m not well-traveled, and that’s all right with me. I’m more inclined to say “There’s no place like home”, and do my traveling through books, magazines, and, of course, the internet. I do sometimes talk about places I’d like to go. The Black Hills is always high on my list, as is Jumonville Glen in Pennsylvania — a place connected to French and Indian War history. I’d like to visit Oaxaca in Mexico, and going back again to my fascination with the French and Indian War, I’d love to go to Canada and see the imposing sight of Quebec City.

Quebec City on the Saint Lawrence

Quebec City on the Saint Lawrence

While I’m not much of a traveler — domestic or international — I do love to hear travel stories from others. Even better, I love seeing photographs of faraway destinations, places I’ll probably never see in my own life. So, please share your journeys with me.

How many stamps are in YOUR passport?

Where have your travels taken you?