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Playing by the Rules

I’ve been browsing through The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits, written by pyschologist Linda Edelstein. It’s an interesting book, and I’ve enjoyed reading about various adult personality types.

I’ve always believed that understanding is a key component of good relationships — in real life and in fiction, as well. So from time to time, I’m going to share a bit of information regarding Edelstein’s basic personality types. Perhaps this knowledge will help us build stronger relationships — and for the writers among us, create realistic characters.

Today, I’m sharing a few thoughts about conformists.

Conformity2The conformist believes in following rules and regulations, going along with others, and acting in a responsible manner.

Conformists are staunch supporters of law and order in society, and generally consider themselves to hold high moral standards.

Life with a conformist can be comfortable. These folks don’t like to “rock the boat” or make a fuss about anything…unless someone goes too far afield of their traditional beliefs and values, in which case the conformist can become rigid and dogmatic. They will then insist on upholding what they perceive as “right”.  They can be extremely intolerant, demanding that others conform to their way of thinking.

There’s a bit of interesting history behind the word, Conformist.

In England, Conformists were individuals whose religious practices were in line with the requirements of The Act of Uniformity. These acts — there were several — established rites and rituals for the Church of England, specifying prayers books to be used and the order of services performed.  Those who opposed the acts were called Noncomformists.

Today the words have come to mean anyone who “goes along with the crowd” or one who “marches to a different drum”, respectively.

Our society sends very mixed messages about conformity. We place children in classrooms and teach them to behave in very specific ways. We give them rules to obey.

  • Sit at your desk.
  • Raise your hand to ask a question.
  • Walk in single file as you leave the classroom.

At the same time, we speak of individuality, the need to recognize our own uniqueness, and the importance of learning to think for oneself.  Little wonder we’re often confused about who we are…and who we’re supposed to be.

Overall, despite our efforts to teach it and instill conformist values in our children, conformity gets a bad rap throughout history.  Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke out against it.


So did President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.



Conformists rarely stand out in society. They’re content to follow others and can make valuable assistants, always well-versed in “company policy” and willing to do what’s asked of them.

In fiction, we find two kinds of conformists. We sometimes see a character who is intent on following all the rules — to the detriment of their own happiness. My latest release, “No Regrets“,  features a shy young woman who, in the words of the hero, is stuck being…

“…the prim and proper Miss Richards, the quiet little mouse who never disturbs anybody, has never once told a lie, and who would never think of breaking any of society’s rules.”
We see the overbearing conformist at times, too, in the guise of a well-meaning parent or a moral leader. As conformists, they often join others in their intolerance.  I’ve included these characters in my stories, too, most notably the women of the “Ladies’ Charitable Society” in my fictional town of Sunset, Colorado.  Here’s a quick look at the ladies, from “Keeping Faith“.
Not only Mrs. Gilman, but all the other women as well wore black. They reminded Tom of a bunch of crows perching in the parlor, hovering about, ready to peck the eyes out of him and his mother if they made a wrong move.
Maybe conformity is best treated as a useful tool, not as a way of life. There are times and places where perhaps it’s best to go along,  to do what’s expected, and to accept little things that aren’t really worth making a fuss about.

Yes, rules are important. So are laws.  Sometimes we do need to follow others…so long as they’re leading us in the direction we want to go.

When all is said and done, the most important thing is knowing who we are and living our life fully.










Upcoming Events

As summer is winding down and we get ready for the glorious autumn season — colorful leaves, cool days, football season, and the start of school — I’m settling down into my regular writing routines.  I’ll be spending most of my time finishing The Sheriff Wore Skirts, the fifth book in my “Sunset Series”. It’s scheduled for release in January. Here’s a quick little “teaser” tag:

A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do…sometimes, so does a woman.

CCBookWatch for little snippets and short excerpts from the story over the coming months. Those of you who are part of my “street team” will also have opportunities to read more of the story before release date. Five team members will receive advance copies of the ebook.

For information on joining my team, visit Christina’s Corner.


Even as I’m working on the next book of the series, I’ll be doing promotional spots for the latest release. No Regrets was released last month from Secret Cravings Publishing.


No Regrets is the story of William Howard Morse, Junior. You first met him as a unlikable young bully in Book 1 of the series. In Book 3, you saw the first of him. Now, I’ve taken this “bad boy” and given him a chance at love. He’s got to work hard, though, to prove he’s worthy of Hattie Mae.

I’ll be making several guest appearances in coming weeks. You’ll find me at:

  • Get Lost in a Story
  • Handbags, Books, Whatever
  • ABC Author Book Chat
  • Devika Fernando’s Romance Blog
  • Cowboy Kisses

Links will be posted at my official author page on Facebook: Christina Cole’s Love Notes.

Now, before the morning slips away, I’d better get busy. I’ve got a story to tell, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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Turn Out the Lights… the Party is Over

I want to begin by shouting out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the launch party celebration for “No Regrets”, my latest western historical romance from Secret Cravings Publishing.


Getting a new book released involves a lot of people, so I want to acknowledge the great team at Secret Cravings and thank them for all they do. Special thanks to my fantastic editor, Julie Reilly, and to extraordinary cover artist, Dawne Dominique.

I also want to thank Amber Garcia of Lady Amber’s Promotions for another fantastic party. Despite the storms moving across the country that night, we managed to party on and give away lots of great ebooks.

Thank you, and thank you again to all the authors who generously donated prizes to the event.

Thank you to each reader who took time to drop in and enjoy the festivities.

Thank you for those who shared the event, subscribed to my mailing list, “Keep Up with Christina” and visited my official author page, Christina Cole’s Love Notes. Plus a very big THANK YOU to those who’ve joined my “street team”, Christina’s Corner, and are actively spreading the word about my love stories to other readers.

So now, the party is over…but more fun is beginning. I’ll be finishing the next book in the series and will be sharing excerpts from it soon.

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of “No Regrets“, I hope you will. It’s available from the publisher, or you can grab it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other online book-sellers.

To the winners in the launch party giveaway and second chance drawing, congratulations! Happy reading.



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Let’s Party!

Just a quick reminder that tonight is the night! It’s time to celebrate the release this month of “No Regrets”, the fourth book of my “Sunset” series.  What’s it about?

Well, what do you do with a “bad boy” character in a romance series? Of all the characters in my fictional town of Sunset, Willie Morse is probably the least-liked.

So, I found him a lovely young woman to fall in love with. I also put him through a lot and made him struggle to prove he was worthy of Hattie’s affections.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I do hope you’ll join me tonight at the Facebook “Launch Party” event.



No Regrets by Christina Cole

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE “No Regrets” for your Kindle

More than two dozen western romance authors are giving away ebooks, so if you love cowboys and the west, you won’t want to miss out on your chance to win. 

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Get Ready to Party!

PartyIt’s almost here! The official Facebook “Launch Party” event for No Regrets is coming up on Tuesday evening, July 14. The fun will begin at 6:00 PM CDT, and for the next three hours we’ll be playing games, listening to your favorite old country classics, enjoying “virtual” treats, and having a lot of laughs.

Of course, there will be prizes, too. Drum roll, please…because here’s the official prize list!

Cindy Caldwell The Chef’s Mail-Order Bride
Kathleen Tighe Ball Cinder’s Bride
Kirsten Lynn Ridin’ for a Fall
Kirsten Osbourne Married in Montana
Kristy McCaffrey The Wren
Lynda Cox Smolder on a Slow Burn
Margery Scott Emma’s Wish
Zina Abbott Resurrected Heart
Lacey Roberts Deadly  Secrets
Verna Clay Cry of the West: Hallie
Cara Copelin Katie and the Irish Texan
Penny Brown Estelle Jesse’s Find and Jesse’s Nightmare
Julie Cerniglia Lence Zanna’s Outlaw
Debra Parmley Dangerous Ties
Lily Graison Avery’s of Willow Creek – Boxed Set
Paty Norman Jager Improper Pinkerton
Winnie Duplessis Griggs Second Chance Hero
Amerlia Adams A New Beginning
Caroline Clemmons Winter Bride
Susan Fisher Davis Winner’s Choice of Ebook

UPDATE: More western romance authors have joined in to offer ebooks for winners!

Callie Hutton Choose Your Heart
Alexis Harrington A Taste of Heaven
Sylvia McDaniel Lipstick and Lead…Desperate and Deadly
Angela Raines Home for His Heart (Novella)

And more!

Janet Syas Nitsick Courtships and Carriages
Tamara Hoffa Circle Ranch Triology

In addition to these prizes, I’ll be giving away ebook copies of the following titles:

Not the Marrying Kind

Not the Marrying Kind by Christina Cole

Keeping Faith

Keeping Faith

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

And the grand prize winner will receive a 3-pack of body and bath oil. Fragrances include:

  • Lavender
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Caribbean CoconutLavender Body Oil

I’d like to thank Amber Garcia from Lady Amber’s Promotions for setting up another great party. She always does a fantastic job hosting, and I’m looking forward to the event. I want to also thank each of the authors who have generously donated ebook prizes. Most of all, I want to thank you, readers, for your support. I’ll see you at the party!

No Regrets – Facebook Launch Party

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

6:00 to 9:00 PM CDT

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No Regrets – Please Join Me for the Official Release Party!

It’s good to be back, great to re-connect with friends, and, of course, it’s exciting to have a new book release to share with you.

“No Regrets” is the fourth book of my “Sunset Series”, and it’s definitely one of my favorite love stories.  The inspiration for the story came during the release party for the second book of the series, “Keeping Faith”. At the time, I was working on the third book, and I needed a name for Emily Sue’s roommate at the school she attended in Denver. Why not make a game of it? I quickly texted Amber Garcia, the wonder woman who runs my party events, and asked her to have a contest at the event to choose the character’s name.

There were some great entries, but in the end, the name Hattie Mae Richards — suggested by reader Debby Pence — won out over all the others. I loved the name at once, and when I contacted Debby to tell her she’d won the contest, I laughingly said, “Hey, I might have to write Hattie’s story next.”

That’s when it happened. The storyline flashed through my head at once. I knew exactly who Hattie would fall in love with, and I knew, too, I’d have my work cut out for me…as Hattie might say. She’s got a habit of talking in adages, proverbs, and cliches.

Yes, I fixed her up with a “bad boy”, one of the most unlikable characters from the Sunset Series. I put him through a lot of hell in order to redeem him and make him worthy of Hattie’s love. When you read the story, please let me know if I succeeded.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday, July 14, for the official release party, hosted again by the wonderful Amber Garcia from Lady Amber’s Promotions. The event is online at Facebook, and you can click the link below to join in.


More than a dozen western romance authors are joining in the fun and will be giving away ebooks.  Be watching the event site for the listing of authors and titles you can win.

I’ll also be posting short excerpts from “No Regrets” to whet your appetite for more love, romance, and a bit of “steamy” sizzle.

I look forward to seeing you there! And who knows…there might be another name-the-character game, and you might find yourself in the dedication of an upcoming book.



Oh, if you haven’t visited the “No Regrets” page, please click HERE to read about the story. Buy links are included. I hope you enjoy it!




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Blurb Blurb


She helped to save his life.

In return, he taught her how to live.


At the moment, that’s the “short blurb” I’ve come up with for No Regrets, the fourth book of my “Sunset Series”.  I’ll be wrapping up the story this week and sending it off to the publisher…who will, in turn, send it on to my editor.

Part of the process includes “blurb-writing” — which is a task many authors dread. Count me among them. Blurb-writing is harder than novel-writing!

First, there are several different kinds of book “blurbs”.

  • There’s the front cover, or “short” blurb — which is what the little blurb above will be.
  • Next, there’s the back cover blurb — a bit of story summary, but also a bit of a tease, a way of giving readers enough information without giving away too much information.  A good back cover blurb tells you a little about the characters and their conflicts.
  • Finally, there’s the promotional blurb — sort of a cross between the front blurb and the back blurb. It tells a little more than the short blurb, but not as much as the back cover summary. It won’t be published with the story, but it comes in handy for advertising and promotional purposes.

Now, over the next few days, I’ll have to come up with the perfect “back cover” blurb, and when I do, I’ll post it here on the blog so you can give me your opinions on it.  Be watching for it!

opinionThank you for dropping by today.

You’re always welcome to share your opinions.

DID YOU KNOW: The word “blurb” was coined in 1907 by American humorist, Gellett Burgess. Source: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English language.