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The Cosmos is Revolving

An_Eye_For_Synchronicity__58383_zoomSynchronicity is such a fascinating thing!

Whenever I see it at work in my life, I do a quick double-take. “Did that just happen?” I ask myself.

I learned years ago to take note of apparent “coincidences”. Life often speaks to us through such means.

What is “synchronicity”? Glad you asked.



The word can be broken down into its separate parts.

  • SYN – A prefix meaning united or joining together
  • CHRONO – A combining form relating to time
  • ICITY – A suffix used to form abstract nouns from adjectives

In other words, SYNCHRONICITY is a concept that relates to things happening at the same time. It’s almost a synonym — there’s that prefix again — for COINCIDENCE, but in my experience synchronicity has a more definite sense about it. When it occurs, I can’t help but feel that some unseen hand is guiding events, leading me directly to places where I’m supposed to be, showing me lessons that I need to learn.

The word was first coined by Carl Jung to describe an “acasual connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena”… whew!  That’s a rather long-winded way of saying the same thing, but if you’d like to read more about Jung and his theories — as well as the golden scarab that inspired his thinking — you’ll find it all here:

Carl Jung Resources


In simpler terms, he described synchronicity this way:

A meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.

He believed that synchronicity is a part of life and that we should be mindful of its presence:

Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see.

Years ago, a good friend first taught me about the principle of synchronicity, and I’ve always loved his short, simple definition. “The cosmos is revolving,” he used to say, referring to those strange moments when life suddenly seems to have a theme, when everything you see or do seems to be pointing in one direction.

YESIt’s also been called “alignment with the divine”.

We must learn not only to open our eyes but to open our hearts. Synchronicity can guide us when we remove the expectations that so often limit us.

Synchronicity is all about possibilities, and it’s a great adventure in life.

Someone once remarked that synchronicity is life’s way of saying, “You’re getting warmer…”

Or maybe it really is life shouting “Yes!”

The day is still early, but already my morning has been filled with an awesome synchronicity. Life seems to be calling me in a specific direction, and I’ll gladly follow to see where this adventure will lead.  Life is teaching me to go another step, to do a little more, to give a little more, to add an extra bit of effort to everything in my life.

Today I’ll be looking for ways to follow that guidance.

I’ll do more than serve dinner; I’ll set the table with a special centerpiece.

I’ll do more than think about a friend; I’ll send a greeting.

I’ll do more than exist; I’ll live this day as fully as I can.

Synchronicity is, indeed, a marvelous, fascinating thing…not just an abstract concept or a theoretical principle, but a very real fact of life. I hope you’ll remain open to those moments of synchronicity that come into your life…and I hope you’ll follow wherever they lead.

Thank you for visiting today!

May your day be filled with joy and happiness.



A Thought for Today: Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind. 

I believe this is true. After all our struggles for riches and worldly success, we’ll always finds ourselves poor in spirit until we realize that real wealth — and happiness — comes from within. It comes from knowing who we are and being at peace with our self.

Life is best lived with balance and wholeness, and the curious thing is that we can only find peace of mind when we listen to our heart.

What is your heart telling you today?


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The Best Part

cup-of-coffeeRight now I have a jingle playing in my head. You’ve heard it before, I’m sure.

The best part of waking up, is Folger’s in your cup.

No, this isn’t a commercial, and I’ll pass on the coffee and enjoy a zingy cup of herbal tea for my morning wake-up. Those of you who do enjoy a hot, freshly-brewed cup of java can grab one now as we sit and visit.

So why am I singing the Folger’s jingle today?

Blame it on my little Question and Answer a Day book. Today’s question is a delightful one:

What’s the best part of your life right now?

Oh, there are so many good things in my life. I hardly know where to begin. Before I answer the question I first want to express my joy in finding such a beautiful question in this little book. Although it may appear to be quite simple, it’s truly profound. It’s the sort of question that sneaks up on us and makes us think.

We need to think more about what’s good in life. Too often we’re surrounded by negativity — news reports, frustrations, problems to solve — and it rubs off on us. We can’t ignore problems, of course, but dwelling on what’s wrong doesn’t help us find solutions.

It’s wonderful to sit here this morning in MLWR (my little writing room) and think of all the good things around me. I invite each of you to do the same. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your favorite morning libation might be, take a deep breath, and focus on what’s right in your world.

The best part of my life is…

Oh, it’s so hard to single out one particular piece of what makes my life so good and say “this is the best.” I’m going to have to find a way to draw it all together and include all the joyful moments.

The best part of my life is…having opportunities to live fully each day, to be able to learn new things and share them with others, to celebrate every moment with family and friends, and to enjoy being who I am.

Today’s question brings time for reflection. It offers us a moment of gratitude and thanksgiving. Yes, I am grateful, indeed, for the wonderful life I’m living. I’m grateful for my family, and I’m grateful to each of you who pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and visit here each day.

I’m going to revise that little jingle now and say:

The best part of waking up is not what’s in my cup. It’s the people I share it with.


Thank you for letting me share my mornings with you.



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A Thought for Today: Choices


Life is the sum of all your choices – Albert Camus

Although we may sometimes feel as if life is something that happens to us, the truth is we play a role in creating our future through the choices we make. Each day, we make choices that affect our health, our happiness, our relationships.

Wise choices can bring us closer to the life we want; poor choices leave us struggling to get through each day.

Most of the time, we know what’s right. We know healthy foods are better for us than fattening desserts. We know it’s important to get enough rest. We know the importance of treating others with kindness. Yet time after time, we make choices we later regret.

At other times, we simply make wrong choices. Maybe we misjudged someone or something. Maybe we didn’t have all the information we needed. For whatever reason, our choice proved not to bring us the happiness we expected. It happens.

So make choices today that you won’t regret…and when you make a mistake, learn from it and make new choices for tomorrow.


What choices are you making today?

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A Thought for Today: Surprise!


Life is filled with surprises, and as often as not, the best things come unexpectedly. We can’t plan those chance meetings that ultimately change our lives, the out-of-the blue events that nudge us to move in new directions, or the random acts that rock our world.

Yes, indeed, life has lots of surprises awaiting us each day.

Wake up every morning with a sense of wonder, knowing that life’s got something wonderful in store for you. It does.

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Visions of a Better World

Why do I write? Of all the genres in literature, why have I chosen to write love stories? What is it about historical romance that I find so appealing?

From time to time, I sit down and ask myself these questions about my work. It’s important, I think, for me to understand the meaning and purpose behind my writing. In many ways, it’s not simply the act of stringing words upon a page that makes storytelling a satisfying endeavor, but the stories themselves. If my stories don’t hold an element of truth, if they don’t reflect my view of life, and most of all, if my stories aren’t filled with hope and happiness, I haven’t successfully accomplished my objectives.

Yes, writing, for me, is far more than telling a story. Although I don’t write stories of any mythical Utopias, I am always thinking about the world around me and seeking ways in which I can make it a better place. I write because in my heart, I have a vision of a better world. I want to share that vision.

Vision 1I know I’m not alone. All writers, I believe, are visionaries. We see things that don’t exist. We converse with imaginary people. We freely travel realms of the past and the future, visiting times and places that aren’t real. Through our writing, we make these things real. We bring these people to life. We unite past and future with present reality, giving others a glimpse of the world we’ve envisioned.

I write because I have a vision of a world where people are open to love, a world where, despite hardships and struggles, the essential goodness within the human heart is celebrated. It is an imperfect world, filled with imperfect people, yet through the gift of love those imperfections lose their power to hurt, a world where weaknesses are shed and strengths emerge. It is a world where lessons are learned, truth is revealed, changes occur, and above all, where justice ultimately prevails.

Perhaps I could express these ideas as well in contemporary romance as in historical tales, but my love of history runs deep. It’s in my blood, I think. While growing up and living with my grandfather, I heard stories of his 19th-century childhood and my imagination took me there to the Kansas prairies, to a sod house where he and his brothers worked hard, played hard, and grew to be good men.

The past was a time when the world moved a little slower. In our modern world, we routinely travel hundreds — even thousands — of miles in a day. Recently, I heard a news clip about astronauts zooming through space at the rate of about 18,000 miles an hour. Such numbers absolutely boggle my simple mind!

Sometimes I feel that our lives are moving so quickly, we have little time to think, little opportunity for the valuable personal reflections that are necessary for knowing who we are. Life is an ongoing series of decisions, and without time to ponder, how can we make good choices? If we’re always rushing from one place to another, from one activity to the next, when do we find the time to figure out where we really are?

For me, writing about earlier times and places serves as an antidote to the disease of fast-paced living. When I settle down here and begin to tell my tales, I’m able to slip back to those times when a woman devoted an entire day to doing the wash instead of grabbing a basket of clothes and tossing them into a machine in between doing her make-up and fixing breakfast before rushing out the door. I take a deep breath, look at the work to be done, and set about it. Slowly. Surely. At once, a sense of peace settles over me.

My hope is that readers will also feel this sense of peace as they journey with me to the past. I want readers to sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy stories of this world I’ve envisioned where men and women work hard, play hard, fall in love, and learn what gives meaning and value to life.

My vision for a better world is one where maybe we can all slow down a bit, enough, at least, to think about our lives, to think about the people we love, and to think about how we treat one another. I want a world in which we respect each other, where we celebrate and learn from diversity, and where we encourage others to live their dreams.  This is the world of which I write and this is why I write.

What is your vision for a better world?