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Happiness…It’s Something We Do

I’m a sucker for quotes. I have a Pinterest board filled with cute quips, inspirational messages, and clever  bon mots. Maybe it’s the writer in me that makes me so inexorably drawn to words. Add those words to a stunning image — in glorious living color, shades of gray, or stark black and white — and I’m hooked. I love finding memorable quotes, and I love sharing them with others.

Here’s my latest find. While I was browsing around earlier, exploring thoughts of love and happiness, I came across this gem:

Do It Happy

It gave me a pause…made me stop for a moment to ponder this wondrous thing we call happiness. So many people are looking for happiness! Why is it so hard to find?

In romance novels — actually, in almost all fiction — characters are striving to achieve goals, to attain things, to accomplish actions that they believe will bring happiness. That’s one of the reasons, I think, that we choose to read novels, and why we get so caught up in the stories.

But what about “real life”? How many of us are actively searching for happiness? I’ve known a lot of people who want happiness, but who sit around and wait for it to show up on their doorstep. That’s not how it works, and maybe we can take a lesson from the fictional heroes and heroines we find in romance.

They do things. They go places. They take chances.

Look again at that pretty little butterfly-filled quote.

  • It tells us that we should do what makes us happy, not sit back and let life — and love — pass us by.
  • It urges us to be with those who make us smile, and as often as not, that means getting up, going places, and finding those friends and loved ones. If we sit and wait, maybe they’ll drop by. Or maybe not. Maybe it’s better if we do get up and take an active part in life.
  • It encourages us to laugh as much as we breathe, which is to say, all the time. OK, so maybe that’s not one to take too literally. Life isn’t meant to be a joke, but it is meant to be enjoyed. Find the good in life. Laugh when things don’t work the way you’d hoped. Keep a positive attitude.
  • Most of all, it reminds us to love. Love as long as we live. Love always. Love everything. Love the morning sunlight, love the late afternoon shadows. Love the quietness of night, love the beauty of the earth.


Maybe that’s the recipe for happiness. Maybe if we add those ingredients into our lives and stir them up a bit, we’ll have happiness enough to satisfy ourselves — and share with others, too.