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Victory Dancing

How would you describe your victory dance?

Happy Dance

That’s the question for today straight out of my little Question and Answer a Day book. I love this little book. It’s always fun to open it and find an interesting, amusing, or thought-provoking question.

So, victory dancing…

I laughed a little when I read it because “victory dances” are so closely associated with football — in my mind, at least. That provoked a chuckle because early this morning as I made my way from sleep to wakefulness, I was thinking about professional football, specifically players from the past.

Who was that quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers that I liked so well? The one who took the helm after both Terry Bradshaw and Terry Hanratty went down with injuries? I struggled to remember his name and finally had to grab my smartphone to look it up. Yes, at 3:30 AM, I was “googling” Pittsburgh Steeler quarterbacks. The answer, by the way, is Joe Gilliam, Jr. who had a fairly short, unhappy life. He died on Christmas Day, 2000, a few days short of his 50th birthday.

Next, my errant mind wandered to Oakland. Who was that wide receiver back in the 60’s? My mind just was not working. Oh, yes. Daryle Lamonica, the “Mad Bomber”.  I was rather proud of myself for digging that name out of the depths of my memory…until I realized that dear Daryle was not the receiver I was thinking of. It was the other fellow, you know, the one with the Russian name.

By now, my husband was awake, too, so I was pestering him with the question. I had to come in here to MLWR (My Little Writing Room) to dredge up Fred Biletnikoff, but in the process I came across a book I’d love to read.

Badasses: The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Death, and John Madden’s Oakland Raiders


Victory dances — those little displays of emotions after scoring a touchdown — have always been fun to watch, in my opinion. Of course, my opinion means nothing to the NFL — also known as the No Fun League. They have rules against deliberately “taunting” other players, and in their estimation, victory dances often fall into that category.

In 2006, they “taunting” rule was amended to include an automatic 15-yard penalty against any player whose “victory dance” includes leaving his feet, or using props such as towels or the football. This is termed an “excessive celebration” with the penalty yardage charged to the offending player’s team during the kick-off that follows. The good news here is that “spiking” the ball isn’t considered “excessive” — unless the player spikes it toward an opponent.

Just for fun, here are a few celebrations from the world of sports you might enjoy watching:

A Visual Guide to the NFL’s Anti-Celebration Rules

In my life, I don’t do “victory dances” because I don’t score any touchdowns. For what it’s worth, while growing up, I always wished I could play football, but despite that adage that “You can do anything you set you mind to”, I had to settle for cheerleading on the sidelines.

Of course, I do have many things in life to celebrate, so I’ve replaced the “victory dance” with a little “happy dance”. I love sharing my “happy dance” on Facebook when I have a new romance novel published, or when one of my novels hits the publisher’s best-seller list or gets a five-star review from a reader.

I smile a lot when doing my happy dance. I wave my arms around. I kick up my heels. I shimmy. I shake. I look silly, but as someone recently reminded me, it’s all right to dance like nobody’s watching because everybody’s looking at their cell phones, so in truth no one is watching.

So, whether it’s a victory dance following a score, or just a happy dance to celebrate the special moments in your life, what does your dance look like?