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I’ve always been an erratic sleeper, and that’s all right with me. Even though most doctors — and psychologists, too — tout the benefits of good sleep habits and a regular night’s sleep, I’m more inclined to listen to my own body. If I’m tired, I sleep. If not, I don’t.

Sometimes, especially if I’m caught up in the excitement of a writing project, I’ll be on-the-go almost non-stop for days, taking time out for only an occasional “cat-nap” here and there. Of course, when I do crash, I’m apt to spend the whole day and night in bed, catching up on that missed sleep.

While browsing around for words of wisdom on the topic, I came across this statement:

Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together.

thomasdekkerSounds good, right? It’s probably true, and I’m probably not doing myself any favors with my hit-and-miss approach to sleep. The quote was attributed to Thomas Dekker, and when I did a bit more browsing, I found an actor by the name of Thomas Dekker, a cyclist by the name of Thomas Dekker, and an English dramatist born in 1570. I’m taking a guess that it’s the latter Thomas Dekker who wrote or uttered those words about slumber, but I can’t be certain of it.

I searched through a number of his other quotations and found no references to sleep. I did find his counsel that “the only way to win a wench is not to woo her” and “the only way to have her fast is to have her loose.”

In his play, “The Noble Spanish Soldier” he wrote that “one step to human bliss is sweet revenge”, and I’m not altogether sure I like that philosophy. I’d prefer to travel other pathways toward my bliss.

I do, however, embrace the philosophy of the Dalai Lama who says “Sleep is the best meditation.” Yep. When I meditate, I usually go to sleep. It seems to be my “Happy Place”.

People are always promoting the benefits of sleep.

  • Enough sleep is just as important for good health as proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Sometimes the most productive thing one can do is sleep.
  • Sleep solves everything.

I’m not sure I would go quite that far, but as an old Irish proverb says, “A good laugh and a good night’s sleep are the two best cures for anything.”

And speaking of good laughs, I found quite a few chuckle-worthy little quips about sleep.  How about this one:



Sleep1The best part of sleep, I suppose is, in Shakespeare’s words…”to sleep, perchance to dream.” Yes, I know Hamlet had nightmares about ghostly visitors, and in another tragedy, Macbeth was said to have murdered sleep, so maybe the Bard of Avon isn’t the best authority on getting those all-important Z’s.

But dreams. Yes, we need dreams, not only the one that come while we’re sleeping but the ones we pursue while awake.  Of all the quips and quotes I found this morning, I think the one I most want to remember is this one:

Fall asleep with a dream

Wake up with a purpose


From Christina: Thanks for visiting my website today. I hope you find a laugh or two, along with a bit of inspiration.

What are you dreaming about today?