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Secret Cravings Publishing Fall Party

Please join me and eleven other Secret Cravings authors today for the our Fall Party Event. The fun begins at 10:00 AM. Each guest author will be answering questions, serving up virtual treats, playing games, and giving away ebooks and other prizes.

Participating authors include Kathleen Tighe Ball, Vikki Vaught-McCombie, Shannon O’Connor, V. L. Locey, Susan Fisher Davis, Jean Joachim, Mageela Troche, Iryna Coombs, M. S. Spencer, Cindy McDonald, L. Marie…and me! I’ll be guest-hosting from 3:00 to 4:00 PM (Central Time), and I hope to see you there!

Secret Cravings Fall Party

LPartyI’ll be giving away an ebook copy of “No Regrets”, the latest release in my “Sunset” series of western historical romances. Plus…I’ve got another special prize I’ll be announcing at the party. Anyone who joins Christina’s Corner between now and the end of the party event will be entered into a drawing, but I’m not telling you what the prize is yet. Drop by the party today– from 3:00 to 4:00 PM — to find out!

Before the party begins, check out the trailer for No Regrets.

You can also read the opening chapter FREE at Snippets!

No Regrets – Chapter One

See you at the party!


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Don’t Forget!

Just a quick reminder to all my readers who are on Facebook. I’ll be one of the guest hosts Saturday at the Secret Cravings Publishing Fall Event.


Secret Cravings Fall Party

I’ll be hosting from 3:00 to 4:00 PM (Central Time).  You can see the complete line-up of authors below.

10:00 – Kathleen Tighe Ball
11:00 – Vikki Vaught-mccombie
12:00- Shannon O’Connor
1:00 – Vicki Locey
2:00- Susan Fisher Davis
3:00 – Christina Cole
4:00- Jean Joachim
5:00- Mageela Troche
6:00- Iryna Coombs
6:30- M S Spencer Author
7:00- Cindy McDonald
8:00- Author LM Writes – L. Marie

Each author will be answering any questions you might have, and in addition, we’ll each be giving away one or more prizes.

I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of “No Regrets”, the latest release in my “Sunset” series of western historical romances. Plus…I’ve got another special prize I’ll be announcing at the party. Anyone who joins Christina’s Corner between now and the end of the party event will be entered into a drawing, but I’m not telling you what the prize is yet. Drop by the party on Saturday — from 3:00 to 4:00 PM — to find out!

Before the party begins, check out the trailer for No Regrets.

You can also read the opening chapter FREE at Snippets!

No Regrets – Chapter One

See you at the party…and don’t forget to bring a friend!


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A Quick Note

Although I’m definitely looking forward to spring, we can’t say farewell to winter quite yet. We still have a little partying to do.

Saturday, February 28, is the date, and the place to be is at the Secret Cravings Publishing  Snowbound New Release Party.  I’ll be starting the party off at 9:00 AM EST with some You Tube tunes, a game or two, and chances for you to win a copy of “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”.


From Secret Cravings Publishing

12 Authors will be hosting from the hours of 9 am till 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. They will be speaking about their newly released books, discussing main characters, playing fun games where YOU can win great prizes and much more.

You get to ask questions about any of their books you have read. Or just about anything. So come and join us on February 28th from 9 am till 9 pm. You can pop by anything during the day via Facebook so you don’t even have to get DRESSED!

Other authors participating include Jean Joachim, Ceit McIntyre, Sandy  Sullivan, Debra Parmley, Tricia Andersen, Vicki Locey, Victoria Sue, Tamara Hoffa, Sarah Cass, Mary Terrani, and Evalise Archer.




What are You NOT Reading Today?

Everybody posts pictures and quotes about books on Facebook…well, at least everybody among my friends and family. I suppose that’s understandable since I’m an author and tend to “hang out” online with other authors and avid readers.

Recently I came across a quote from Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Books are mirrors. You only see in them what you already have inside you.

I did a double-take on that one. Although it’s true that our experiences in reading are influenced by who we are, books — IMHO — are much more than mirrors. I think of books as gateways to new worlds, to new ideas, to thoughts and beliefs and possibilities that we’ve never before considered for ourselves. Maybe what Zafon means is that we have more inside of us than we know. Maybe books are tools for discovering new facets of ourselves.

Another quote that impressed me recently was from Ursula LeGuin:

The unread story is not a story; it is little black marks on wood pulp. The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story.

Here again is the idea that the meaning of a story is shaped not so much by the author as by the reader.

After chewing on these different quotes for a time, I went browsing for books — classic books, powerful books, life-changing books. I quickly came across a number of different lists, including this one from Business Insider.

25 American Classics Everyone Should Read at Least Once

And this one, from The Telegraph:

100 Novels Everyone Should Read

The Book Ogre features:

Top 10 Classic Books Which May Change Your Life

Abe Books goes a step farther and tells us not only which books we should read, but why:

40 Classic Books and Why You Should Read Them

I browsed through a few of these lists, and I found books I’ve read, books I’ve always intended to read, and books that I probably will never read. That’s another thing about books. There’s something for everybody.

From time to time on social media, someone starts a list of “Most Influential Books” and tags a few friends to share their own list. I’m going to do something similar…but different. Today, please comment and share one classic book you haven’t read yet. Maybe you’ve started it but haven’t finished. Maybe you just haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe you feel like you should read it, but aren’t really sure.

FrankenFor me, it’s Frankenstein. I downloaded a Project Gutenburg edition years ago, and I did start reading. I was enthralled. It made me stop and think…and I stopped to think so many times, I never got beyond the first few chapters. I’ve always wanted to go back and finish reading it. Maybe this will be the year I finally do.

What about YOU? What classic books are still languishing on your TBR list?

FWIW — I’ve grabbed Frankenstein again from Project Gutenberg. Yes, I’m really going to finish reading it. Have you read it yet?


The Obvious Choice?

Life is filled with choices. Big ones, little ones, simple ones, and an occasional downright difficult dilemma.

“There are always choices in life,” Amanda Phillips tells hero Joshua Barron in Not the Marrying Kind, and she’s right. Every day we’re faced with choices from the time we wake up until we climb back into bed and pull up the covers.

Choices 1

Choice is a key element in fiction, of course, and it’s through choice that character is revealed. We authors strive to create challenging situations for our characters, forcing them to make tough choices and painful decisions. It’s how we test them, how we encourage them to grow, to change, and to become worthy of love.

When we face decisions, how do we know what the right choice is?

I’ve been pondering this question lately as I work on the fourth book of “The Sunset Series”. It’s a story about choices and consequences, a story about mistakes and lost opportunities. As part of my research while writing, I began browsing quotations about choices — and also about the regrets that sometimes follow.

I came across this one:

The obvious choice is usually a quick regret.

It surprised me because it seemed to go against conventional wisdom. Choices, after all, involve right and wrong, and as often as not, we do know the difference, don’t we? Most situations we face can be viewed from a logical perspective and the correct choice easily determined. Countless self-help books and articles can guide us through the decision-making process with easy-to-follow instructions about finding the pro and con in each alternative and weighing them in the balance.



You know…that’s never really worked for me. Writing down all those good points and not-so-good points leaves me confused. It’s impossible to compare one benefit to another and to accurately determine if what’s gained truly outweighs what might be lost. So much involves speculation. We can never say with certainty what the outcome of a choice will be.

Still, the logical side of my brain insists that logical choices — obvious choices about what’s right and what’s wrong — should be the best.

Life experience has proved otherwise.

As I sit here and look back over the choices and decisions I’ve made, I can clearly see that the best choices — the ones that have given meaning and direction to my life — were the ones that were neither obvious nor logical. They were choices that came from my heart, and no matter how absurd, how illogical, how unwise…they worked. They were the right choices for me.

When I came across that saying about obvious choices bringing quick regrets, I thought again about decisions I’ve made. Sure enough, the times I regret are those when I listened to logic, did what was expected, and essentially, played it safe.

Sages have taught that the great choice in life is one between love and fear. Too often fear can hold us back. It limits us to obvious choices. Choosing love requires courage — the courage to move beyond the obvious, the courage to be different, the courage to express who we truly are.



Here’s wishing you a year filled with love

and with the courage to overcome all fears.

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How Did YOU Spend Your Summer Vacation?

Summer is coming to an end…oh, how quickly the season has passed! I hope you’ve had a spectacular summer filled with love and laughter, sunshine, joy, and happiness.

To bring these lazy, hazy, crazy days to a close, Christina Cole Romance is sponsoring an end-of-summer blog hop. Please visit all participating authors for chances to win ebooks and other prizes. Each author will be sharing a short post about summertime and vacations.  Visit, leave comments, check out the romances!  You’ll find stories ranging from sweet to sultry.

Summer Vacation

Here is the list of all participating authors:


Christina Cole

Ashley Nemer

Robyn Echols

Pippa Jay

Penny Estelle

Kathleen Ann Gallagher

Ju Ephraime

Lynda J Cox

Liza O’Connor

Grand Prize (Open to US Residents Only, Please)

One (1) $50.00 Amazon Gift Card

 How I Spent My Summer Vacation Giveaway

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Thank You!

Once again, I want to say those words. THANK YOU.

thank-you 2

Thank you to the readers who’ve visited my blogs, who’ve bought my books, and who’ve put my name and titles on the “Historical Romance” best-seller lists for the publisher.  Your kind words and reviews are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to my author friends who’ve shared their blogs with me, who have invited me to take part in blog hops, contest, and other events. It’s always a pleasure to join in with fellow writers. Opportunities to make new friends are always welcomed.

Thank you to my personal friends and family who willingly put up with my messes and disorganization as I work on my stories, who help out with chores and errands while I’m busy writing, who offer advice, ideas, encouragement, and suggestions for navigating the busy waters of the romance-writing seas.

I especially want to thank everyone who visited the official “launch party” for “Not the Marrying Kind” yesterday. It was wonderful fun, and I highly recommend Amber Garcia of “Lady Amber’s Launch Party”. Working with her to plan the event was a great experience. She made everything easy for me.

In exchange for all the support I’ve received from my friends, family, and readers, I’d like to do something for you.  Maybe you could use an occasional “beta reader” for a story you’re putting together, or maybe you have a question I can answer. Maybe you’re looking for book donations or gifts. Let me know how I can help.