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A Road Trip through Time

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It’s a rainy morning here in the midwest. The house is quiet, and it’s a perfect time to pick up my little “Q & A A Day” book.

What was the last road trip you took?


I think it’s a perfect question for late July. School will be starting soon, and maybe it’s time to actually take that vacation you and your family have talked about.

It’s a fun question, too, because only yesterday I was chatting with a Facebook friend about traveling, mentioning two very short road trips I’d taken alone. One was to the art museum in St. Louis to see an exhibition of Van Gogh’s works — breath-taking! — and another was to West Branch, Iowa, to visit the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Both trips were long, long ago.

So, what was the last road trip I took? I can’t remember. Yes, it’s been that long.

On Saturday, we did drive to Osceola, Missouri, to enjoy a fish-fry down on the farm with my husband’s family, but that’s a fairly regular part of our routine, so I don’t think it counts as a “road trip”.  The little town, however, is an interesting place to visit for history buffs. Like so many other towns in the state — including Harrisonville, where we live — Osceola was burned to the ground during the Civil War.

The “Sacking of Osceola” was not a Union military operation, but the work of a renegade “Jayhawk” group from Kansas led by senator Jim Lane. The intent was to drive out any pro-Southern elements. On September 23, 1861, the town was raided and destroyed, and nine local citizens were captured and killed.

In retaliation, William Quantrill and his guerillas raided, burned, and demolished the town of Lawrence, Kansas, shouting the cry, “Never forget Osceola.”

The trouble didn’t stop there. Quantrill and his raiders used Cass County (where we live) as their base of operations. In an effort to separate Quantrill from his Confederate supporters, the government issued Order 11. This order forced all residents of Cass County living more than one mile from Harrisonville or Pleasant Hill to vacate their homes within 15 days. Union troops moved in to confiscate grain, hay, and other supplies. Homes were burned to the ground.

You can read the text of the order here:


I’ve browsed the web a bit and have put together a little “sight-seeing” collection for you.

A Road Trip through Time


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