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Painting Portraits


OK, folks. What an odd question I’ve got today from my little Q & A A Day book. It’s a doozy. (Does anybody besides me still use that word?)

Here’s the question straight from the book:

If you could hire any artist (living or dead) to paint your portrait,

who would it be?


I had to take a little time to think about this one. There are so many incredible artists to consider. All the while, I knew who I would choose.  It would have to be my personal favorite artist, Andrew Wyeth.  When I was about seven years old, I fell in love with Christina’s Worldalthough at the time I had no idea of the story behind it.


Anna Christina Olson, who suffered from a degenerative muscle disease, served as inspiration for Wyeth‘s painting.

If you’re not familiar with the story of Christina’s World, you can check it out here:

An In-Depth Look at Christina’s World

Wyeth later became a bit controversial for his “Helga” pictures. When the collection first debuted in 1987, it caused quite a stir and raised a lot of questions about Wyeth and his relationship with Helga Testorf. You can read the story here:

Wyeth Speaks of the Helga Pictures

Of course, there are many other artists whose work I admire. I still have a vintage “Masterpiece” board game, and I still beg my friends and family to play. I love the game, and I loved all the paintings included.

Here’s a 1970 trailer about the game:

I’m a huge fan of Jackson Pollack‘s work — he lived a tragic life, and don’t watch  “Pollack“, the film story of his life unless you’re ready to be turned into a nervous wreck. For fun, though, do watch “Who the *$&% is Jackson Pollack” if you get a chance.

For Van Gogh fans — and who doesn’t love Van Gogh? — check out “Starry Night“, a fun movie in which a magic potion brings the artist back to life in modern times.

Others on my list of favorite artists are Monet, Degas, Picasso, Hopper, O’Keefe, and Doménikos Theotokópoulos, known to the world as “El Greco”.  An excellent book on his life is “Color From a Light Within” by Donald Braider. It’s fictionalized, and it’s an engrossing read.

I’ve recently gathered up my art supplies, and I’ve been contentedly drawing flowers, landscapes, doodling abstract designs, and doing an occasional portrait. I’m working in graphite now, but plan to also put my Prismacolor pencils to good use. I’ve got pastels and watercolors, too, and someday I might even try my hand again at oils. I’ve never really thought of myself as an artist — although a little “Who Were You in a Past Life” quiz on Facebook says I used to be one, once upon a time. Maybe so. I love colors, and now, I’m actually learning the secrets of drawing, thanks to The Virtual Instructor. If you have any interest in drawing or painting, visit the site. There are many free video course modules you can watch.

Art history lovers will also enjoy visiting this site:

100 Famous Artists and Their Studios

Today, our family has a very busy day planned — a fish fry down on the farm — so I’d better get ready. I do want to have a little quiet “drawing time” before we leave, and I also have a bit of cooking to do for the party.

I hope everybody has a beautiful day filled with colors, dreams, and happiness.

Who would YOU choose to paint YOUR portrait?

Who are YOUR favorite artists?


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Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

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  1. Love the question! Can’t figure out the answer.–Carol

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