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Words of Love


Let’s stroll down memory lane, shall we? I love this “oldie but goodie” from Mama Cass with The Mamas and the Papas.

Words of Love – The Mamas and the Papas

This song has been playing through my mind all morning, and it’s made me stop and think about the words I use when I speak.

Am I speaking with kindness toward others? Or am I just thoughtlessly blurting out whatever comes to mind? Am I taking time to show appreciation to others? We routinely remind children to say please, thank you,  and you’re welcome, but do we always remember to use those sweet phrases in our own conversations?

How about true “words of love”? How often do you say them aloud? Once a day? A dozen times? Don’t ever worry about saying I love you too much.  In Love Like Crazy, Lee Brice advises that we “overuse I love you.”  Can we really get tired of hearing it? I don’t think so.

Words of love and kindness will not only improve our relationships with others, they will also lighten our own hearts and make us feel good about life. The more love we share with those around us, the more will come back to us.

Don’t forget, too, the importance of words of love in our own “self-talk”. As often as not, that inner voice we hear is a critical one, always quick to remind us of our faults or to discourage our attempts. Replace that voice today with a gentle one, one that speaks words of love.

Mama Cass was wrong when she sang that “words of love, soft and tender, won’t win a girl’s heart anymore.” Words of love will do that — and more. Try them and see.

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Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

2 thoughts on “Words of Love

  1. Such a great reminder. Speaking words of love! The Bible reminds us that we give life to the words we speak. I choose to speak life, I choose to speak love. Great post!

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