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Geography has never been my strong suit. When my husband and I heard the news of the devastating earthquake striking Katmandu, he asked “Where’s that?” I couldn’t answer. I knew it was…somewhere. Somewhere in Asia. Was it in Tibet? Nepal? I wasn’t sure.

What was certain was that people were suffering. The land itself was hurting.

I wanted to learn more, so I browsed around online, and I now know that Katmandu is the capital city of Nepal.  From Wikipedia:

FlagNepal is a mountainous nation between India and Tibet known for its hiking opportunities, wildlife parks and temples. Trekkers visit its Himalayan mountains to follow the Annapurna circuit or trails around Mt. Everest. Annapurna treks start at Pokhara, a relaxed lakeside town with yoga centers and waterside cafes. Kathmandu, the capital, has a mazelike old quarter filled with Hindu and Buddhist shrines.



The death toll from the earthquake has now reached nearly 2,000. The sorrow and suffering in this beautiful land is heart-wrenching.

Earthquake in Nepal – CNN Video

I won’t post additional news reports — we’ll be seeing continued coverage for a long time to come, I’m sure — but I do want to find a way to help.  Perhaps you’ll help, too. There are many organizations already stepping up to offer medical aid and other assistance.

Here is a quick link to CNN’s “Help Resource” page. It lists many of the charitable organizations which are sending workers to help. Donations are needed. I hope you’ll consider giving a few dollars to help in this effort. Sometimes what we have to give may seem little, but every penny will help. If you can’t make a monetary gift, please help by giving your thoughts and prayers to the people of Nepal.




While researching the news and help resources, I found many beautiful scenes from Nepal. I hope you find these images inspiring.

The Village of Ghadrun

Bridge on Ama Dablam

Beautiful Nepal

Pictures from the NATTA Gallery – Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents

I’d also like to share a few Nepali folk songs I found. I hope you enjoy this unique, enchanting music.

Nepali Folk Song

Nepal Folk Music

Journey to Nepal

Another beautiful and inspiring video is “The Great Bell Chant – An End to Suffering.”  It is taken from Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying.

Bell Chant


DID YOU KNOW: The motto of Nepal is “The motherland is worth more than the kingdom of heaven.” Source: Facts about Nepal

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