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Ever Heard a Parrot Cry?

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Is there anything more frustrating than internet/computer issues? Oh, sure, of course there are many things that are far more annoying, but when I’m having trouble connecting to the online world, I’d find it hard to name those other irritations.

Well, except for one. Anna. Our parrot. She’s whining and crying right now, and if you’ve never heard a parrot cry…make a visit to YouTube. Here, I’ll help you, so you can listen at what I have to put up with.

Parrot Cries Like a Baby

Crying Parrot

Parrot Crying Like a Baby

None of these are our parrot, but you get the idea. Parrots cry. And they whine. And when this goes on non-stop while you’re trying to work — more specifically, while you’re trying to concentrate and actually think and write — yeah, it does get a bit annoying.

Anna on Piano

This is our Anna Banana.

She’s still at it. She hasn’t shut up since I came in here.

I came in here this morning planning to grab my Questions and Answer book and have a fun time answering whatever question came up for today. But, I got distracted. I’m still having internet issues, as well, so between Anna Banana and Fidelity Communications — our ISP — my morning is not off to a very productive start.

You see, I did find a short video clip of Anna. I’m trying to upload it to YouTube now. It’s about 80 seconds. The upload bar tells me it’s going to take about 20 minutes to upload. Yeah, right.  Correction. It’s now telling me 45 minutes.

Do you think there’s something wrong with our “high-speed internet service”?

Yes, I’m frustrated. I’m worn out from listening to the fussy, whiny bird. Thank goodness, at the moment, she’s finally shut up.  Maybe now I can actually get a little writing done without going crazy.

If the video clip ever uploads (I’m not counting on that to happen),  I will post the link.


Sorry for the noisy bird!

BTW: YouTube tells me the video will be HERE.

DID YOU KNOW…Parrots love chicken meat. Source: Personal Experience and Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot

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