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If Wishes Came True


“If you could wish for one thing to happen today, what would it be?”

That’s the question of the day from my little “Question and Answer” book. What an impossible question to answer! There are so many different levels from which it can be approached. My mind is filled with wishes, and choosing a single one requires setting others aside. It’s difficult, indeed.

To answer the question, I’m going to tke the noble approach. I’m going to make a worldwide wish that cancer didn’t exist, that no one would ever suffer from it, that no more friends or family members would be lost to it.

I wish today could be the day the medical community announced that cancer had been totally eradicated.

WishThere are, of course, lots of little personal wishes in my head. I’ll admit, the noble response was not my first. My first thought was a rather selfish one. I wished a small debt might be repaid. Then, reality struck. That little wish, I told myself, was never going to happen. It wasn’t worth wasting a thought on it.

Other insignificant little wishes quickly sprang up. Wishes are so easy! Some will surely come true; others, probably not.

I wish the weather would warm up a bit.

I wish I could sell a million books.

I wish I were finished with No Regrets.

I wish I had time to play a few games today.

I wish my sister were still alive.

Yes, truly I do wish my sister were here. She was one of those claimed by cancer. Yesterday afternoon, my husband and I were talking about one of my closest childhood friends — and a little scene from real life that found its way into Not the Marrying Kind. That friend, Mike Reeder, is gone now, too, another victim of cancer. So many good people have been taken from us.

I wish there were no illness or disease.

I wish poverty and homelessness would disappear.

I wish for an end to war.




DID YOU KNOW: Just an unbelievable little fact I stumbled across while researching for No Regrets. Did you know that in 1880, the legal “age of consent” in the United States was 10 years old?  WATCH FOR MORE LITTLE TIDBITS OF INFORMATION TO COME. 



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Author: christinacoleromance

Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

4 thoughts on “If Wishes Came True

  1. So many of my wishes were the same as yours, but if I could actually have a wish and have it come true, it would be to see the end, and I mean complete end, of illegal drug use. So many lives are ruined because of that stuff.

  2. ‘I wish…’ Such a strong and provocative piece! Thoroughly enjoyed nodding head along to many of your wishes too. If I could, a Nobel wish, would be that there would be no orphaned children stuck in various institutions and foster homes. Every child deserves stability and a sense of belonging.

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