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The Sound of the Sea


I will be forever grateful to my friend and fellow author A. J. Best for introducing me to the world of wacky and bizarre holidays. Thanks to her, I’m able to keep up with all those special days that nobody knows about. The fact that most likely nobody cares about them is irrelevant. They’re fun days and should be celebrated.

Of course, some are actually serious events, ones that we probably should know about. Which brings me to the purpose of today’s post.

Did you know that this is National Week of the Ocean? No, I didn’t know it either until I checked the listing for Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, and Unknown Holidays and Observances, but once I found out, I quickly followed the link to the National Week of the Ocean website.

The National Week of the Ocean is an organization headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, offering marine education programs to the community, and to the world. Even those who live far from the sea should be aware that, in the words of Scott Carpenter, astronaut and argonaut:

“Life on dry land is dependent on the ocean, and if the ocean dies, we die.”


Each year the organization sets aside the National Week of the Ocean as, “A week focusing on humanity’s interdependence with the ocean, asking each of us to appreciate and protect our waters.”

FROM: National Week of the Ocean website:

mobyThe nation is invited to participate annually in the National Week of the Ocean by observing moments as casual as an evening reading the classic Moby Dick or penning an editorial to the local paper on marine issues. Organizations, schools and businesses are encouraged to plan a special event which can attract the attention and support of the whole  community. The ongoing theme “Exploring Mother Ocean” offers many possibilities to spotlight the ocean’s rich heritage and promise.

I remember my first thoughts of the sea as a child. Living in the middle of the United States, I was nowhere near either coast, but I was fascinated by thoughts of sailing the seas. Of course, most of you know, my favorite book from childhood is Treasure Island, which I still enjoy re-reading every year. Maybe that sparked my interest in the sea.

conch-shell2-300x224Among the knick-knacks we had was a beautiful conch shell. Of course, I heard the tale that if you put it to your ear, you could actually hear the ocean waves. I was fascinated.

It was many years before I had a chance to visit the ocean — I’ve seen the Atlantic but not the Pacific. To me, the ocean has a true emotional pull. It symoblizes so many things: life, depth, adventure, romance, mystery, and our unique connection to nature. That’s how I see it.

Even though I’m back here in the mid-west, far from the shore, I do love listening to the sounds of seagulls and ocean waves, especially as I fall asleep. If you also enjoy the soothing sounds, here’s an hour of “Sea and Seagulls” for your listening pleasure.

The “National Week of the Ocean” is definitely a cause that’s worthy of celebrating, so no matter how near or far you may be from one of the seven seas, please join me this week to honor our oceans. We do have a duty to respect, appreciate, and protect the waters.


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Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

2 thoughts on “The Sound of the Sea

  1. Ah yes, that calendar is a treasure trove! 🙂 Wonderful post, I’ll definitely have to check the National Week of the Ocean out… I’m not living on an island for nothing. 😉

    • I love that wacky calendar! It’s so much fun. And I do like the idea behind “National Week of the Ocean”. I think I’ll dust off Moby Dick and read a bit. Of course, I’ll have to grab Treasure Island, too. I never tire of reading it over and over.

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