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Country? Or Rock ‘n’ Roll? Or…?

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What a fun question this will be today. Yep, I’ve grabbed my little Q & A book, and the question of the day is a definite doozy:

Are you country or rock ‘n’ roll (or hip-hop, emo, folk, punk…)?

Yes, it’s really got all those alternatives listed followed by that handy ellipsis which could conceivably extend the list to infinity. If there’s another type of music out there, the ellipsis will cover it.

Which is a good thing since the two categories of music I listen to most often aren’t specifically included within the question.  In fact, a lot of the music I enjoy isn’t spelled out above.

But, back first to the basic question. Am I country or rock ‘n’ roll? Both. That’s the only possible answer. If you’ve ever come to one of the launch parties for my “Sunset Series” of western historical romances, you’ve heard many of my country favorites. I love sharing them at launch parties.

Here’s a few to enjoy today:

Love Like Crazy – Lee Brice

When I Could Come Home to You –  Steve Warriner

Almost LIke a Song – Ronnie Milsap

I do like rock ‘n’ roll, too, especially anything by Metallica. Yes, I go crazy over James Hetfield. I can’t help it.


Here are a few of my heavy metal must-have Metallica songs:

Nothing Else Matters

Enter Sandman

King Nothing

And a few other favorite rock songs by different artists:

Still Loving You – Scorpions

The Zoo – Scorpions

Home Sweet Home – Motley Crue

Dreams I’m Never Gonna See – Molly Hatchett

Freebird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

And on the softer side of rock:

Wheels of Life – Gino Vannelli

Weekend in New England – Barry Manilow

If – Bread

Then, there’s classical. Classical music has always been a big part of my life. I began playing piano at the age of four, later studied at the Conservatory of Music in Kansas City, and have enjoyed a life-long love affair with music from baroque to modern.

A few very special favorites:

Song to the Moon – Antonin Dvorak from his opera, Rusalka

O Fortuna – Carl Orff from Carmina Burana

By the River – Frederick Delius from Florida Suite

Blackberry Winter – Connie Ellisor

But mostly these days — and nights — I listen to ambient music, especially what’s known as “Space Music”.  If you’re not familiar with the genre but enjoy relaxing, soothing music, you might want to visit “Hearts of Space”, the official home for a radio weekly radio show hosted by Stephen Hill. Although the website is a premium service, there are free tracks to enjoy, and, of course, you can catch the show for free each week on the radio.

Here are a few of my favorite “space music” pleasures:

Dream Body – Steve Roach

And the Stars Go With You – Jon Serrie

The Crossing – Eric Wollo

Moonwater – Rudy Adrian

And then, there’s my obsession with Cajun music:

Ta Petite Robe Courte (Your Short Little Dress) – Savoy Family Band

And my love for Latin:

Todo Cambio – Camila

A Gritos de Esperanza – Alex Ubago

Yo Naci Para Amarte – Alejandro Fernandez

No Te Apartes de Mi – Yahir

El Jinete – Miguel Aceves Mejia

I could easily get carried away! Oh, wait…I already have. LOL. Yes, I love music, and I’ve only shared a few of my favorites here. Perhaps you’ll share a few of your favorites with me.

So, in answer to today’s question, all I can really say is that “I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a whole lot more.”


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Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

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