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Every time I visit Google — which happens to be quite often — I’m given a choice between conduction a traditional “Google Search” or hitting a second button. It usually says “I’m Feeling Lucky”. Click on it, and Google will transport you somewhere in cyberspace. I did it just now and found myself on a page celebration the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.

I played Pac-Man, grabbed a booklet and learned the “pattern” for the first level, and quickly got bored with it. Ms. Pac-Man, however, was another story. I loved playing, but that’s got nothing to do with my topic of the day.

Let’s go back to feeling lucky. Maybe the best-known quote about feeling lucky comes from “Dirty Harry”, and if you’re not familiar with it, you can find it HERE. As I start my day here in MLWR (My Little Writing Room), I’d prefer not to think about .44 Magnum pistols and the damage they can do.

I decided this morning to do a little browsing around to see what I could learn about luck. Some people believe we can create our own good luck. The Mind Power News website offers instructions on How to Create Good Luck. The process is basically to believe you are lucky. Although that sounds simplistic, it can actually work.  The article explains that

…lucky people are lucky because they seize opportunities, they create positive self-fulfilling prophecies and have a resilient attitude that allows them to turn bad luck into good luck by focusing on what went right, and how things could have been much worse – a process that allows them to be thankful for what happened and to look at the positive side of the situation.

Really good advice when you think about it.

Of course, we can always boost our luck a bit by grabbing a lucky charm. One of the most popular is the Irish shamrock. It’s said to bring abundance, and if you search among the clovers and find one with four leaves, you’ll be blessed, indeed. Irish Shamrocks

As I browsed about, I was surprised at how many different “lucky charms” there are.  They include not only plants like shamrocks, clovers, and bamboo — a symbol of both good luck and friendship — but many different animals, insects, natural phenomena, numbers, shapes, and more.

A rabbit’s foot, of course, is supposed to bring good luck, and gamblers in Africa often carry alligator teeth in hopes of winning big. Various cultures also associate good luck, wealth, and prosperity with dolphins, turtles, pigs, elephants, bats, tigers, frogs, and birds. Lucky insects include ladybugs, crickets, and dragonflies.

According to Viking lore, oak trees were sacred to Thor, the mighty bringer of thunder and lightning. Acorns were used to protect homes from Thor’s anger.

Coins have a long history of luck attached, and many superstitions have grown up around them.

  • You will have good luck in your keep a jar of pennies in the kitchen.
  • A coin in a new jacket or handbag will guarantee good luck.
  • The first coin you receive each day should be placed in an empty pocket in order to attract more coins.
  • Carry a coin minted in your birth year and you’ll always have luck with you.

In our quest for good luck, we’ve devised many opportunities for making wishes. We blow out candles on birthday cakes, toss coins in fountains or “wishing” wells, and who hasn’t wished on the morning star?

My wish is that you’ll have a blessed day filled with love, joy, and happiness. I’m off to visit Kermit now…please join me!

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