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Who Do You Want to Be?

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At the start of this year, I wrote about the Questions and Answers book I bought. If you missed the post, you’ll find it here:  Happy New Year 2015 – What’s Your Mission?  Briefly, the book gives one simple question for each day of the year. Of course, simple is a relative term. Although some of the questions do have short, easy answers, others require a bit of thought.

When I opened the book today, I expected something to “recap” the month of January. I figured today’s question might involve assessing progress toward resolutions or determining whether a change in course was needed.


I was a bit dumb-founded by the question for the day.



Who Do You Want to Be?


My first thought was “What sort of stupid question is that?”  I’ve been sitting here thinking about it for several minutes now, and my thought is still, “What sort of stupid question is that?”

When I was younger, I often thought I’d like to be someone else. I wondered what it would be like to be that beautiful girl in our class whose life seemed so perfect. Sometimes I wondered how it would be to live the life of another classmate whose big, noisy family always seemed like a lot of fun. Maybe part of my curiosity stemmed from my love of writing, from my interest in understanding characters, and in learning to put myself inside other people’s heads.

In reality, though, I realized very early on that even though it might be fun to imagine being somebody else, I would never want to be anybody but me. Had I been transformed into another person, I would have lost all my memories. All those special things I’d done, all the places I’d visited, all the fun times I’d enjoyed would all be gone. Not merely forgotten, those things would have never existed for me.

Nope. Being somebody else would mean losing too much, and that too much, I realized was ME. That, of course, is the simple answer to what is, really, a very simple question. Who do I want to be? I want to be me. Nobody else.

Here’s Cecille from Sesame Street. She’s says it sll. Enjoy!

I Wanna Be Me



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