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You are invited…

InvitationDon’t you love those words? I do. It’s always exciting to receive an invitation in the mail, or to find one waiting in my email inbox or on my Facebook page. Invitations mean parties, celebrations, and good times.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about invitations. Our family has enjoyed many different celebrations in recent weeks: birthdays, graduation days, anniversaries, and more!  We have a wedding coming up in November, more birthdays, and more special days we’re looking forward to sharing with friends and family members.

Of course, I have to mention the upcoming BOOK RELEASE PARTY on July 10 to celebrate the release of my latest historical romance, Keeping Faith. Maybe you’ve already received your invitation, and I hope you’re planning to join me and other western romance authors for the event. We’ll be giving away lots of prizes.



But why wait for invitations to come along? Life itself is cause for celebration, and each new day brings countless opportunities for sharing, caring, and finding joy.

Not that life is perfect, and sure, there will be days when things go wrong, days when maybe it’s hard to smile. Sometimes we experience pain, disappointment, suffering, and sorrow. It’s all part of this wondrous thing we call LIFE.

It’s been said that we can’t know pleasure without also knowing pain, that every beginning is also an ending, and that there must be “opposition in all things”. It’s how the universe works. From the familiar “yin-yang” image of black and white to the simple awareness of day and night, hot and cold, young and old, life is continually giving us the experiences we need for wholeness.

It’s up to us to accept the invitation, to awaken each morning with a joyful R.S.V.P in our hearts.

  • Yes, I will accept the invitation to live this day as fully as possible.
  • Yes, I look forward to being fully present, to sharing everything life offers me today.
  • Yes, I will share my gifts with others and invite everyone to celebrate life.

Life invites us to be who we are, to find what we love, to become a pure expression of joy and to share hope and happiness with others.

My hope is that you’ll accept this invitation and join me in celebrating each new day we’re given.







Author: christinacoleromance

Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

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