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Crazy Schemes Sometimes Work!


Today’s “Sneak Peek” comes from The Wrong Woman, my first historical romance.  The idea came one day after I’d finished reading a story of a handsome hero who abducted the heroine and held her for ransom. A well-worn idea in the romance genre.

But then a little voice inside my head said, “What if a fellow set out to abduct someone, but stole the wrong woman by mistake?” That fleeting thought became the genesis for The Wrong Woman.

The Wrong Woman

In this six-paragraph “snippet”, Will Loudon has already abducted Abigail Rose and taken her to his home on the Iowa prairie, thinking she is Honey Branson, his brother’s fiancee. Abigail’s efforts to convince him of her true identity have failed.

In desperation, she’s come up with a crazy scheme to escape from the upstairs bedroom by making a rope from bedsheets.

Yes, her idea actually works, and that’s where today’s excerpt begins.


THE WRONG WOMAN – Available in Ebook and Paperback

When her feet finally touched solid ground again, Abigail exhaled the breath she’d been holding. Her knees shook, and her fingers were curled so tightly around the rope she could not let go for several very long, nerve-wracking seconds.

At last, she regained control. She had only to orient herself with her surroundings and she would be on her way.She looked about, recalled the setting sun when they arrived, then turned back toward the east and bolted toward the hay fields.

Clutching her long skirts, she ran as fast and as far as she could before the ache in her side forced her to stop and catch her breath. Only then did she dare look back to see the small light burning in an upstairs window of the farmhouse.

Poor Loudon! For a moment, Abigail felt a slight twinge of pity for the man who had abducted her. First, he’d taken the wrong woman, and now, he didn’t have sense enough to realize she’d slipped away.

“Better luck next time,” she whispered, lifting her hand in a playful wave.

Abigail turned and fled into the looming darkness.

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Author: christinacoleromance

Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Schemes Sometimes Work!

  1. Nice! Love me a historical romance! And what excellent names – I have Abigail and Rose in my current WIP! Great minds ….

  2. She’s in trouble now! Good cliffhanger.

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