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Hang on!


Hang On!

It’s been a busy and exciting week for me.  With Keeping Faith due to the publisher by month-end, I’ve been finishing up the final draft…which means reading, re-reading, tweaking, proofing, and double-checking all the facts and details that make up a 96,000-word story. It’s a labor of love, of course, but love or not, it’s also a time-consuming task.

More than once, I’ve had to step back and tell myself, “Hang on! The end is in sight.”

While I’ve been wrapping up Keeping Faith, I haven’t spent as much time on-line as usual. Still, each day, I have blog posts to publish, emails to answer, and information to share through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Gone are the days when writers could sit in garrets and let the world pass by!

Unfortunately, my on-line world has been a frustrating place to be, thanks to continual problems with satellite internet service. Despite the fact that I live in Missouri, a rain storm in Texas could knock me off-line. Add in the bad weather we’ve had recently,  slow the whole shebang down to a crawl, and you’ll have an inkling of what I’ve been dealing with.

My “honey bunny” — yes, I call my husband my “honey bunny” — finally got fed up listening to my tales of internet woe. He called the cable company, ordered new service, and as I fought the frustrations over the last few days, I reminded myself, “Hang on! Help is on the way.”

Both stories — Keeping Faith and the story of my struggles to stay online — have happy endings. The second book of “The Sunset Series” will be off to Secret Cravings Publishing next week, and I’m happily enjoying my new, high-speed cable internet access with no download restrictions.

Hallelujah!  Sometimes, when things are tough, we’ve just got to HANG ON!

* * * *

Today’s “Sneak Peek” comes from Not the Marrying KindKat Phillips and Joshua Barron are spending a night out on the range. Enjoy the excerpt.

* * * *

As she drew closer, the sounds became more distinct. Kat’s heart lurched. Somebody was in trouble. Reaching the ravine, she jumped from her horse and bolted toward the steep edge of the cliff. Joshua, still on horseback, thundered after her, shouting for her to stop. She paid him no mind.

Drawn instinctively by the whimpers and cries, she scrambled down, ducking beneath the thick underbrush with no concern for her own safety.

“Be careful, damn it!” Joshua now stood at the top of the cliff, peering down. “Probably a wild animal. If it’s trapped or hurt, it could be vicious.”

“It’s not an animal,” she called back. She could be wrong, of course, but to her ears, the cries sounded chillingly human. She knew the sounds of children. On Sundays, she taught a class of little ones at church. She’d heard them laugh, she’d heard them sing, and she’d heard them cry.

Instinctively, long before she could see what lay beneath her on the face of the cliff, she began making soothing noises, reassuring sounds to whatever—or whomever—awaited her. “I’m coming down to help you,” she said in a steady, quiet voice. “My name is Kat. I have a friend with me. His name is Joshua.”

As she drew closer, she made out a very human shape. Small. Huddled. Clinging to roots at the ledge.

* * * *

Yep, sometimes we just have to HANG ON for dear life.

Not the Marrying Kind by Christina Cole

Not the Marrying Kind

Available now for Kindle, Nook, and other Ebook readers

Paperback edition will be released this summer.

* * * *

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4 thoughts on “Hang on!

  1. Great peek! I`m really looking forward to reading this.

  2. Hanging on can get us through 😀

    • I visited once with a woman who’d recently celebrated her 105th birthday. When asked what advice she wanted to share with others about life, she replied “Hang on to what you’ve got, and keep on going.” I’ve always remembered that. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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