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Sneak Peek Sunday – Little Sisters are So Much Fun!


I had a little sister while I was growing up.  As often as not, I thought her a brat, and I remember fussing at her on more than one occasion.

In “Not the Marrying Kind”, Kat Phillips has a little sister, too. Emily Sue means well most of the time…or, at least, I’d like to think she does. Maybe not. Maybe she’s really just a brat.

For this week’s “sneak peek”, here’s a little snippet of dialogue.  Kat and her family are at church, and rumors are going around that she might marry Reverend Kendrick.


Excerpt from Not the Marrying Kind

Kat jumped to her feet, jerked Emily Sue up, too, and all but dragged her out from the pew, down the aisle, and through the front door. As soon as they were outside, she gave the little brat a well-deserved shake.

“How dare you, Emily! If we weren’t here at church in front of God and everybody, I swear, I’d turn you over my knee and paddle you so hard you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.”

“But I didn’t tell on purpose.” She sniffled. “Mrs. Wilkes asked me how I felt about it, that’s all. She wanted to know if I was excited, and I told her there wasn’t anything to get excited about.”

Kat kept a tight hold on her sister’s arms. Probably Emily was telling the truth. Mrs. Wilkes kept house for the reverend and was always getting into his business, as well as everybody else’s. It would be just like her to try to pin Emily down and wheedle information from her.

“But you did tell her that I wasn’t going to marry him, right?” Might even be a good thing if Emily had set the woman straight.

Emily sniffled again. “I told her you didn’t want to marry him. But I also told her you had to marry him, whether you wanted to or not.”

* * * *

Yep, don’t you just love little sisters? By the way, little miss Emily Sue grows up and falls in love, and I’ll be sharing her story in Book 3 of “The Sunset Series”.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy all of Kat’s story in Book 1, “Not the Marrying Kind”.

Book 1 "The Sunset Series"

Not the Marrying Kind is now available.

 Be watching for news about the upcoming release of “Keeping Faith” – Book 2 of “The Sunset Series”.

As a final note, I’d like to dedicate this post in memory of my own “little sister”, Janice Sue.  We lost her to cancer several years ago. I miss her every day. I’d like to think a little part of her lives on in my stories through characters like Emily Sue — complete with the blue eyes and blonde ringlets.

Thanks for visiting today and letting me share a few personal thoughts with you along with an excerpt from “Not the Marrying Kind”.

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14 thoughts on “Sneak Peek Sunday – Little Sisters are So Much Fun!

  1. I just loved the relationship between Kat and Emily Sue. I never had a sister, only two brothers, so getting a look into that special relationship in your wonderful book was a real joy!

  2. Loved the excerpt, Christina. I thought my little sister a brat too. Not now that she is all grown up. I’m so sorry you lost yours. I’m sure you have great memories of her though.

  3. Loved this sneak peek. It feels so true. (Kat’s got some damage control to see to!) I don’t have any sisters, but I have a little brother (not so little anymore). I also raised two boys and watched the younger one drive the older one around the bend more than a few times.

  4. lol! The things kids will say 😀

    I’m sorry for the loss of your sister. My little sister is very special to me; I don’t tell her that often enough!

  5. I loved it I have to have this book

  6. Brilliant bit of dialogue and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

  7. Really great excerpt, love how you wrote this relationship 🙂

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