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What Have You Learned Today?


I once heard someone make this remark:

I’ve already been to school, and I’ve had enough. I don’t see a reason to spend time learning anything else.

I was aghast. I was appalled. I was also absolutely speechless. How could anyone go through life with such a miserable attitude?

For me, the opportunity to learn something new is something I cherish. I’m grateful that each new day brings new experiences, new knowledge, new paths to explore. I’m constantly reminded that the more I know, the more I realize how little I know.



I’m grateful for libraries, I’m grateful for today’s technology that gives us easy access to information and convenient ways of carrying books along wherever we go. I’m grateful for friends who share their interests, their passions, their hobbies…sparking my curiosity and sending me off on new adventures in learning.

I’m very grateful, too, for teachers. Last week, at Seasons of Love, my guest author was Melissa Keir. She’s a talented writer, and a devoted teacher.  It was my pleasure to share her story with readers.

To Melissa and all the women and men who’ve made teaching their life work, I want to shout out a huge THANK YOU!

Recenly, I found this little quote:

For Lee and Lizzy and Karri


I grabbed it and shared it immediately with the teachers in our family, but that wasn’t enough. I want to share with teachers everywhere.

In many ways, we’re students throughout our lives, and we should be grateful to those who have taught us. But teaching — and learning — isn’t confined to school rooms, of course.

Today, let’s be grateful for all the people in our lives who have shared knowledge with us and taught us valuable lessons about life.

Parents. Grandparents. Aunts. Uncles. Our children, too. We learn from each of them. Church leaders, friends, neighbors, spouses. They have knowledge to give. Strangers, too, can teach us many things. So can people who’ve gone out of our lives.  Relationships that didn’t work, jobs that left us stressed-out and frustrated, and friendships that fizzled might be unpleasant memories, but they might also be the source of a great deal of wisdom.


Many years ago, I got into the habit of asking of asking that question. Life is so filled with wonder that I don’t want to ever go through a day without discovering at least one new thing.

  • A few days ago, I discovered nucivorous. A delightful word.
  • I recently learned that Ulysses Grant ate cucumbers each morning with his breakfast.
  • Last week, I heard works by composer Igor Boguslavsky for the first time. Yes, I liked it.
  • Yesterday, I found instructions for doing Bavarian crochet. I’d never heard of it before.
  • Today…well, the day is just beginning. Who knows what I’ll learn before it’s over.





Author: christinacoleromance

Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

3 thoughts on “What Have You Learned Today?

  1. I think there are too many people on this planet with an attitude similar to the one you quoted at the beginning… which is exactly why I fear for the future of this world!
    Personally, I love learning. I constantly follow science, archeology, nature and literature sites on the internet to keep up to date with all the wonderful things happening. There is so much to be learnt, whether for future usage or just to train those grey cells and be entertained as well as educated.
    This day has just begun, but I’m sure I’ll learn something today. For learning is inevitable if you read – and reading is my life.

  2. Reading and learning go hand in hand…another reason why I’m such a strong supporter of early childhood literacy efforts. Too many children are raised believing that learning is a chore, that education is something to “hurry up and get over with.” The world is so filled with wonder! So much to learn each day. There are ways to make learning fun, and good books do that, I think.

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