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SpringFlowersThankYouThis has been an exciting week.  On Thursday, my latest historical romance, Not the Marrying Kind, was released by Secret Cravings Publishing. For an author, nothing is more thrilling than seeing a story we’ve loved writing truly “coming into the world”.  I hope the story of Kat Phillips and Joshua Barron finds its way into many hearts.

Although the “official” release party won’t take place until Saturday, February 1, many readers have already joined in to help me celebrate the  book’s release. To each of you who have shared my excitement, to those of you who have read and enjoyed excerpts and “snippets” I’ve posted, and to all who have graciously accepted my invitation to attend the launch party, I want to say “Thank you.”

Everyone is welcome to join in on the launch party fun. I’m grateful to Lady Amber for doing the hard work and putting the event together for me.

Not the Marrying Kind Release Party

We’ll have fun, we’ll have games, and yes…we’ll have prizes! Lots of prizes. Along with copies of my new release, you’ll also have a chance to win ebooks from Sandy Lea Sullivan, Tamara Hoffa, and Tricia Andersen. I will also be giving away a “Christina Cole Romance” tote bag — ideal for carrying all those delicious romance novels you’re reading! Another great prize has been donated by Shauna Aura Knight. She’s offered a Tarot reading for one lucky winner.

To each of these wonderful ladies, I say, “Thank you!” And most of all, I want to thank each of you who have read my stories, written reviews, and shared your thoughts about the books I write. I was thrilled to visit the publisher’s website recently and discover that two of my “sweet” historical romances are holding the number 1 and number 2 “best-selling” spots in their category, and Summertime has moved into the top ten on the “steamier” side for historical romance. It’s gives me a true sense of joy to know that you’ve enjoyed my stories, and I can’t wait to share my newest romance with you. I think you’ll come to care about the folks from Sunset, Colorado.

Please, be sure to check out Riding Into the Sunset – Stepping Back in Time for an up-close, in-depth look at the fictional town and the people who live — and love — there.

PNG PsstPssst!

Here’s something you might want to know as you read Not the Marrying Kind.  Book 2 of “The Sunset Series” will be coming out later this year. It’s titled Keeping Faith and tells the story of a fellow by the name of  Tom Henderson. Watch for his name to be mentioned…then guess who he’s going to fall in love with!

And yes, before you ask, little Emily Sue Phillips is going to grow up and get a love story all her own.


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Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

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