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I love writing. I love telling stories, and I love sharing thoughts about life, about love, and about ways we can make the most of both.

But there’s one writing task that is always a challenge for me. My newsletter, “Keeping Up with Christina.” It’s not the writing that poses a problem. It’s the formatting, linking, designing, and scheduling that makes me a little crazy.

dancing_girl_cartoonPutting out a regular author’s newsletter is fun, and I’m always thrilled when I receive notification that a new subscriber has signed up. I do a little “happy dance” each time my newsletter goes out — which is twice a month.

It’s a learning experience, and one tip I’ve learned is that subscribers are very special people…not just romance readers, but people who truly care about books, about reading, about writing, about the things that matter most to me. Even though I don’t know each subscriber personally, I count each as a true friend.

And…true friends deserve special little surprises, don’t you think? That’s how I feel, and to show my appreciation for all my newsletter subscribers, I’m giving away a special gift in the next issue.

It’s scheduled to go out on Tuesday, so there’s still time to sign up. You’ll find a sign up link on the blog, but to make it easy to sign up today, I’m including the sign up link here:


Just fill in your email address, include your name (if you’d like), and select the format you prefer. Be sure to sign up before Tuesday so you will be eligible for my “Subscriber Only” giveaway — a very sweet prize package worth more than $40.00. ¬†Find out all about it in the newsletter.

Thanks so much for visiting Christina Cole Romance. I hope you’ll choose to become one of my very special friends.

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Author: christinacoleromance

Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

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