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Welcome 2014


Starting the New Year Off with a Hop!

Most people like to start the New Year off with a bang. Firecrackers are popular.

Others start with a kiss and the traditional folk song, Auld Lang Syne.

I’m starting my New Year off in a little different fashion. Not with a bang, not with a kiss, but with a HOP!

That’s right. A Blog Hop, to be precise. It’s a chance for me to officially begin my new “official” author blog, and a chance for YOU, dear readers, to win big prizes, including a $150.00 gift card from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The beginning of a new year is always a time for reflection. We often look back over the past, recall good times, resolve to forget the not-so-good ones, and think about the changes that have happened during those last twelve months.

Although looking back can have its advantages, I think looking forward is even more helpful. It’s certainly more exciting! So, here’s a quick look at what’s coming up in 2014 from Christina Cole Romance.

The Sunset Series

I was thrilled when my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing, first accepted my historical romance, Not the Marrying Kind. I loved writing the story. I was even more thrilled when SCP agreed to publish a series of books based on the fictional town I created for Not the Marrying Kind.Not the Marrying Kind

In November, I signed a contract creating The Sunset Series. Currently four books are planned for the series. In January, 2014, Not the Marrying Kind will be released, and later in the year, the second book of the series, Keeping Faith, will be published.

At present, two additional books are contracted, and I have many more stories to tell about the people who live — and love — in the little town of Sunset.

I’m excited to share their stories!

Unlike some “series”, the books of “The Sunset Series” are stand-alone stories. You won’t be left hanging at the end or feel “cheated” out of an ending.

What you will find are characters you’ve come to know — and hopefully love — returning to play different roles in different stories. As the series unfolds, you’ll see changes taking place in Sunset, Colorado. People come, people go, people change — for better, for worse — and always, life goes on.

Want a sneak peek from Not the Marrying Kind?

Click here to enjoy the moment when Kat Phillips first sees Joshua Barron.

More in 2014

Along with the opportunity to share the first stories of “The Sunset Series”, I have much more to look forward to in the coming year.  I’ll be taking part in many “blog hops”, giving away lots of books and other prizes, and working alongside other romance authors to bring you all the stories you want to read in all the genres you enjoy.

Here at “Christina Cole Romance” you’ll be able to find the latest news on what’s going on in my world of historical romance, and you’ll also be able to visit “Time for Love” to get better acquainted with other romance authors — with posts that are personal, not promotional. At “Seasons of Love”, you’ll find more in-depth looks at authors you love with interviews, book excerpts, and occasional reviews of new releases.


Yep, there’s more — much more — to come in 2014, but I’m not going to reveal everything right now. Be watching for information on the New Release Launch Party coming up for “Not the Marrying Kind”. It’s scheduled for Saturday, February 1, and official announcements and invitations will be coming your way soon. I’ll be celebrating the start of “The Sunset Series” and will have a little help — and a few prizes — from some of my friends: Tamara Hoffa, Tricia Andersen, and Sandy Lea Sullivan.

Please, mark your calendars now for this 5-hour Facebook event coming!


Click on the link below to enter the giveaway!


Now, “hop” on over to the next blog! 


Author: christinacoleromance

Christina Cole believes in the power of love. She writes romance novels with characters you'll care about and remember long after the end of the story.

10 thoughts on “Welcome 2014

  1. Congrats on the upcoming release of Not the Marrying Kind.
    Happy New Year.

  2. I’ll enjoy seeing your stories in the new year!
    Thank you for joining our hop!

  3. Happy New Year! May 2014 bring you peace. joy, love and lots and lots of book sales

  4. I’m looking to many more wonderful SCP books!


  5. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Years and thanks for the hop.

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